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Here is more detailed list of our products. As we sell thousands of different products by dozens of companies, we can not list all of the products we sell. Give us a call to place any orders or have one of our staff review your business and let you know what Pine Tree Paper can do for you. You can download our full order sheet so you can check all of the supplies you need. Please fax it to us at (207) 774-7697 and one of our staff will call you with prices and specific product definitions.
Napkins and Facial Tissue
  Dispenser Napkins
  1/4 Fold Napkins
  1/8 Fold Napkins
  2-Ply Dinner Napkins
  3-Ply Dinner Napkins
  4-Ply Dinner Napkins
  Beverage Napkins
  White and Colored Napkins
  Kleenex Facial Tissues
  Junior Dispenser Napkins
  Lo-Fold Napkins
  All Sizes; Paper, Plastic, or Foam
  4-6-8-9-10-11" Platters
Restaurant and Caterers Supplies
  Plastic Bibs
  Wet Naps
  Straws (All Types)
  Rubber Bands
  Plastic Gloves
  Plastic Aprons
  Hot Dog Holders
  Plastic Flatware
  Guest Checks
  Table Cloths
  Coffee Filters
  Coffee and Cappuccino
  Coffee Stirrers
  Bar Sip Sticks
  Flat Picks
  Mint Picks
  Sandwich Picks
  Lobster Forks
  Cocktail Forks
  Placemats (All Types)
  Scratch Pads
  Adding Machine Tapes
  Cash Register Rolls
  Serving Accessories
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