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Here is more detailed list of our products. As we sell thousands of different products by dozens of companies, we can not list all of the products we sell. Give us a call to place any orders or have one of our staff review your business and let you know what Pine Tree Paper can do for you. You can download our full order sheet so you can check all of the supplies you need. Please fax it to us at (207) 774-7697 and one of our staff will call you with prices and specific product definitions.
Janitorial Supplies
  Oven and Grill Cleaners
  Dish Soap Powder (Liquid)
  Dish Soap (Automatic)
  Glass Cleaners
  Bowl Cleaners
  All Purpose Cleaners
  Urinal Blocks
  Mop Buckets with Ringers
  Nylon Pads
  Stainless Steel Pads
  Floor Waxes
  Insect Sprays
  Trash Cans
  Grill Stones
  Grill Screens
  Wipe Cloths
  Comet and Ajax Cleaners
  Floor Pads
  Boraxo Powder & Waterless Barfoam
  Furniture Polish
  Air Freshener
  Spic & Span
  Ice Melt
Motel & Hotel Supplies
  Bath and Shower Mats
  Glass Bags
  Sanitary Bags
  Seat Bands
  Motel Soap
  Registration Cards
  Laundry Soap
  Ice Buckets
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